Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

V.A.I.N.: Using His Lyrical Ability To Set Himself Free

by Cyrus Webb

Recording artist V.A.I.N.(Verbal Assault Is Nasty) is not just another artist in a box hoping to make it in a tough industry. The Queens, NY native is following a self-made blueprint that guarantees his path to success as an artist and entreprenuer.  A student of the business and someone who doesn't limit himself as to what he can do, V.A.I.N. is now in a position to work with the individuals who first influenced him.

After the death of his father V.A.I.N. committed himself to a career in music not just as another rapper but an innovator as well. Describing his own musical style, he is quoted as saying this: "I believe I come from an educated yet street point of view, where I'm giving people insight into life.  What I desire to accomplish through my music is to educate, inspire as well as entertain.  I think I write from the heart first and then the mind.  There is nothing in the entire world quite like performing, and I simply can't get enough of the euphoric musical high!"

In my interviews with him on Conversations LIVE Radio as well as for this feature Vain has always been about truth to yourself, to your craft and to others.

As you build your own brand and pursue your goals, how do you stay true to who you are?
I stay true to myself by being honest with everybody around me. I realize you can't please everybody, so you just have to display your side, and where you are coming from, and people tend to understand. That statement "the truth will set you free" I really live by that! Because a lot of the time your assumptions of how people were going to percieve you are drawn up in your head a lot worst then the actual outcome.

It's obvious you are confident in yourself and your abilities. Where does that confidence come from?
I just be myself because no one on this earth has a matching finger print or DNA as me so why would I try to be like anyone else? Its better to be honest and be your unuiqe self. You' be surprised how many people like you for you.
Music has changed so much over the years. Some artists are here today and gone tomorrow. How are you approaching your career in a way that will make sure your music is here to stay?
Well i try to make timeless music. To me that's the key. I aim to touch on feelings and emotions that people go through. This way your music won't be just a fad or a trend. People will play u through the generations.
What advice do you have for others who are looking to pursue their own goals and dreams?
I would tell them that you're one giant magnet attracting what's around you. All that you dream up in your thoughts and dwell on when it comes to what you want and where you wanna be at in your career will come true for you. Also make music to compete with what the majors are putting out. Don't strive for demos or sub par mixed records.. Give yourself the best possibility to compete.

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