Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Friday, July 31, 2015

Wolf Critton: Channeling His Musical Gift to Be Heard By the World

by Cyrus Webb

Singer. Songwriter. Musician. These are just some of the ways that Wolf Critton has made his presence known, but there is so much more to the man than those three titles can articulate.

I've had the opportunity to interview Wolf a few times for Conversations, and each time he has reached another level of professional success but also appreciation for the life that he is able to enjoy.

This year alone he has enjoyed the success of singles like "China Doll" and "Iraq" as well as been sponsored by Luna Guitars new Vista Wolf guitar. Throughout it all Wolf has taken his fans along for the ride---and they have responded through his live performances and online presence.

During my initial conversation with Critton he shared that when it comes to music and the power it has it is "Something bigger than myself." What initially came out of a place of hurt and betrayal, has led him to finding a part of himself he didn't know existed. He quickly learned that whether he was playing music for his fellow soldiers while in Iraq or an audience that had paid to see him perform, the thing they all had in common was the connection they felt to his songs. "I know that if you want to help people they have to be able to relate to you," he says. That is what he believes is happening with his music today. "This is a passion of mine that is helping people."

When it comes to a song like "Iraq" Wolf told me it was a "breath of fresh air for me to let this song out." Why? Well in interviews he was always asked what was it like being in Iraq. For him it was difficult to explain. "There are certain things as an artist that are kind of hard to put into words but are easier to sing," he says. That is exactly what the song was for him, a way to not just tell his story but that of the Iraqi people, too.

The photos from the events are not just a show of the support but the exchange of energy that takes place between Wolf and his fans. Though he admits its nice to see the crowds, there is more to the experience than that. "The motivation isn't the crowd," he explained. "It's the music that I'm singing." He also feels as though the photos serve another purpose when it comes to chronicling his journey. "Just as truthful as my music is about my life I want what people see about me to be just as truthful."

Everyday for Wolf is an adventure, and he is excited to see what the future holds. No matter what, though, look for him to continue to showcase his gift of music with the world, knowing that if only one person is inspired by it he has done his job.

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