Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"Why We Go Goo Goo For Lady Gaga"

by Cyrus Webb*

At a time when so many in the entertainment industry are scrambling to keep up with the trends of the day, superstar Lady Gaga is standing out from the pack. Her style grabs headlines, but it is the music she creates taht keeps people talking about her.

For the past two years I have found myself caught in Lady Gaga's spell as well. The first song that I couldn't seem to get out of my head was "Paparazzi." Then there were songs like "Bad Romance", "Poker Face", "Telephone" and of course "Born This Way" that kept me going back to I-Tunes time and again.

I'm not the only one of course that can't get enough of the entertainer that seems to be everyone and doing everything. Her peers in the business have also been in awe of her talent and her rise from seemingly nowhere to the top of the charts and in the sight of everyone including former President Bill Clinton.

What is it that has drawn people to her? "Lady Gaga is so appealing and so successful because she is so unique," says Bonny Dolan, Managing Director and Executive Producer at Comma Music. "Who wears meat? She is fearless with an extraordinary talent. Mix this with her great voice and the fact she writes her own music, makes her the
full package. She isn't afraid to do anything and has done amazing job
using social media to share her music and spread her message. Most
importantly, she makes people feel comfortable no matter who or what they
are: gay, straight, black, white, etc. She helps people build confidence
in themselves. She is truly 'performance art' with an amazing voice."

Bonny seems to also believe that the rise of Lady Gaga also has to do with where music was when she came on the scene. "I think people were ready for this unique person to cut through the clutter and demand our attention. Demographically, she appeals to so many different audiences, teens and tweens, young adults, baby boomers and even the mature market."

Walt Ribeiro, composer and creator of For Orchestra is someone else who admires the skills of the Gaga. Ribeiro fuses his love of the orchestra and pop music and arranges music by artists such as Lady Gaga. He told me in a phone interview that he "loved Lady Gaga's music from the beginning," even before many of us even know who she was and definitely before knowing what she would become. "I was blown away from her music and loved her production style," he says.

As someone who has a love for music himself, he seconds what Bonny had to say about Gaga's appeal. "Every artist is an inspiration to every other artist," says Ribeiro. "She grabs your attention but has the content to keep your attention."

Something else that is clear with Lady Gaga is that she has found her place in the world and is comfortable in her own skin. I think whether you are a public figure or not, that is something that everyone strives for. She is fearless yet aware that her influence and gift were given to her for a purpose.

We should all be so fortunate as to be able to use our gifts in such a way that the world can't help but take notice.

* Photos courtesy of Madam Tussauds Hollywood

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