Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Saturday, December 20, 2014

R&B Star Tank Returns STRONGER with New Album

by Cyrus Webb

When recording artist Tank does something, he goes all out. Whether it's his solo projects, collaborating with other talented artists or acting you can look for him to put his heart and soul into whatever the project is. Fans of the soulful singer will be pleased to know that the same is true for his 2014 solo release STRONGER. From beginning to end it is a solid work of art, giving you those tracks that will make you dance, reflect and want to fall in love all over again.

The majority of the project is classic Tank, starting off with the single "You're My Star". The ladies will appreciate the words of the artist as he sings about loving everything that she is to him. "You're my star," he sings. "I'm so infatuated with who you are." The same is true with singles like "Nobody Better" and "If That's What It Takes" where it's obvious Tank is trying to let a woman know that she deserves more than she's getting. "You should let me love you the right way," he says. "Everytime I look at you I know there aint nobody better. I would do whatever..."

For those that are looking for something a little more upbeat, the next two singles ("Dance with Me" and "I Gotta Have It" will satisfy you. Tank invites you to let it go and "get lost in the music".

Lovers of old school R&B will appreciate "Missing You" as it gives you that Marvin Gaye feel for sure. There he talks about the way he misses everything about that special lady, letting her know that she is not far from his mind."

The single "Same Way" has a slight Carribean feel to it as Tank sings about taking the "perfect getaway... There's nothing like my lady," he declares. "I knew that since the first day, and I still feel the same way...."

For me the most powerful single on the entire project is "Hope This Makes You Love Me". It's raw, honest and perfect for so many situations. It's not just about a relationship. It's about being a better person, someone worthy of God's love. Though we know we can't buy our way into His favor (or anyone else's for that matter), this song really shows what it means to want to do your best. "Look at me I'm such a mess," he sings, "and I normally would keep this all to myself. I ain't got much left but I want you to have it all. I hope this makes you love me.I've been doing everything for you. And I know it sounds crazy, but I hope this makes you love me." The song really takes you into the soul of the man, the being behind the fame. "My pride done told my ego to get it a rest...", and then Tank transitions back to that special lady, saying to her that this is who he is---and he hopes it's enough.

The title track "Stronger" sounds like a love letter to his fans who have stuck by him and their love for his music and the work he has put out into the universe. Having that support system seems to have been what he needed to be 'stronger than he's ever been'.

Definitely a solid body of work from beginning to end, Tank's STRONGER is just what lovers of R&B have been waiting for.

Stay connected with Tank at and on Twitter at @therealtank. The album STRONGER is available on Amazon here.

(Review) BLAST OFF by recording artist Willie Taylor of Day 26

by Cyrus Webb

Singer/songwriter Willie Taylor is consistently giving the world music that they can either jam or dance to. Whether its with his brothers in the group Day 26 or solo you can expect him to create something you will remember and that speaks primarily to his audience of loyal female fans. BLAST OFF is a perfect example of that.

After you're said everything you had to say and eaten as much (food) as you want, Willie let's you in this single that he's left some room for something special.

Using the lyrical metaphors that have become a part of his trademark, Willie lets the ladies know that what they're about to experience is going to be out of this world.

"I want to take your body to the moon... Hope that you're ready 'cause we're going outta space...when we blast off. I love it when we blast off. Buckle your seatbelt, I'm all about safety. Riding this ship heading to ecstasy... Love it when we blast off."

BLAST OFF is available now on Amazon. Stay connected with Willie on Facebook and Twitter. Get Day 26's new album THE RETURN for FREE here.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Day 26: Ushering THE RETURN of great R&B

When it was announced that Day 26 was returning to the music scene the response from their fans (including myself) was immediate. I had interviewed members of the group over the years, and was always struck not just by their talent but their ability to bring the best of themselves to the work they were doing.

In 2014 they have done it again.

With THE RETURN the group's oringinal members Brian, Willie, Michael, Qwanell and Robert reunite to create not just great music but a great vibe that is sure to thrill music lovers beginning in the summer and continuing throughout the rest of the year.

"Just to see that the fans are still rockin' with us and to see new faces is amazing," Robert told me. He also says that the chemistry of the group is back. "We've grown alot, and it feels good to be back together."

Willie agrees: "It's like reliving a dream," he says. "We made this group back in 2007, and for us to be back with all the members in 1 album is great."

Reference the response to the first single "Bulls#!t", Mike says "It's great to see people still love our music and have anticipatee our return."

Taking advantage of new media and the power of their online presence the group released the project on June 26, 2014, making it available for free to their fans. Whether it's singles like R&B SINGER, YOU'RE WORTH IT or RUSSIAN ROULETTE you hear the traditional Day 26 harmony and soulfulness--and it takes you back to when you were first introduced to the group. You also get something else from this album: the group's maturity. They bring with them their life experiences and the lessons they have learned, and it all comes together to create something you won't soon forget. Day 26's RETURN also pay homage to those who came before them (like the group Silk) with their amazing rendition of LOSE CONTROL which closes out the project.

As they have been hitting the stage throughout the summer in a variety of venues and preparing for their tour to support the album I think that both those who have been with the group since the beginning and those who are just being introduced to them are in for a treat. Yes the ladies will surely appreciate the return of Day 26 for their own reasons, but the guys should be just as glad to have them back because THE RETURN has just the right words for them to say that might just help them out in the relationship department.

Here are some of the notable messages:

In BULLS#!T the group discusses what happens when that special lady has been listening to what others have to say about him and their faithfulness: "I could have who I want to," Day 26 sings, "but girl I chose you...If you only knew that I was telling the truth. I lied before but so have you..." It also addresses the ulterior motives that can come from such accusations. "If you're looking for a way out just say it..." the single says, acknowledging that sometimes the pointing of the finger at the other person is a way of distracting from what the accuser really wants.

In YOU'RE WORTH IT Day 26 slows it down and get's to the heart. "Girl you're hotter than a Summer, and my love is burning up for you," they sing. "Your smile is colder than the winter. Time is frozen from the thought of you. I find myself all into you. Something I never thought that I would do..." This is the perfect single for that guy who is trying to find the words to let that special girl know how he makes him feel.

Probably one of my favorite tracks on the project is RUSSIAN ROULETTE. Day 26 sings that in love all days are not going to be good, and you have to make a decision if the chance of hurt is worth the pursuing of love. "Someone has to smile, someone has to cry. Someone has to live, someone has to die. Someone has to lose, someone has to win. Someone has to start, someone has to end." The question becomes Is it worth it?

Along with the album THE RETURN there's a book that allows you to go through a story of a singer who is inspired by the guys of Day 26 in not just following his dreams of being in the business but getting his relationship situation under control. Each chapter is a song title, giving you a chance to go deeper into each song on the project---once again giving you something new from the group.

From beginning to end this is a tightly constructed musical adventure that listeners will be able to return to time and again. Without a doubt THE RETURN is everything you could ask for in an album and more.

Stay connected with the group on Twitter at and on Facebook at Get Day 26's THE RETURN for free on Soundcloud at

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Artist Jermaine Paul Speaks to the Ladies for the Fellas with NEXT TO YOU

It takes a real talent to be able to sing a song that both men and women will both be able to enjoy for their own reasons, and yet with NEXT TO YOU recording artist Jermaine Paul has been able to do just that.

Known to many from the hit NBC show The Voice, Paul's skills shine in a big way as he makes the lady in your life feel special while at the same time giving guys words they can take and mold to their own personalities.

"We kiss in public places, in front of wandering faces," Paul sings. "They want to know just how we do. Like a child on Christmas Eve. Anticipation killing me. I can't wait to have you to myself." Now what lady wouldn't wouldn't to be told that by that guy in their lives that they are truly feeling? That's the marriage Paul creates with this single. It has something for everyone.

"I drop you off at work," he continues. "You're looking mighty fine. It kills to see you walk the other way. I take one final glimpse just so I won't forget..." This type of communication is what is missing so much in relationships, and this single brings it back in a big way. The message to guys is this: if you really want that woman in your life make sure she knows it.

"There are no boundaries" that Paul recognizes when it comes to that special someone. And that is exactly the way it should be.

You can stay connected with Jermaine Paul on social media at and His website is

Get the single NEXT TO YOU on Amazon and your favorite online retails.

Molly Sanden's FREAK is a hauntingly beautiful portrayal of how some fail to see the gift that they are

by Cyrus Webb

I heard about this song by Molly Sanden on Facebook, and as soon as I listened to the first verse I had to head over to Amazon to purchase it.

FREAK is a song that sums up what so many see when they look at themselves, and Molly Sanden delivers a hauntingly beautiful portrayal of their thoughts and feelings. "Am I alone with the thoughts that I have," she asks. "I'm afraid that I'm scared of myself. Am I the only one who doubts who I am? Wish I was someone else..."

How many of us have been there or know someone who has found themselves in that place? Sanden goes out to describe it as "everytime I try to fly it holds me to the ground." She realizes that "the enemy is inside of me," but she in the song she fails to realize that it doesn't have to be that way.

"Would be easier to fight someone else," she concludes. "It's impossible to hide from yourself."

Definitely a song that is a conversation piece in so many ways, FREAK by Molly Sanden reminds us of the importance of seeing the gift within yourself.

Stay connected with Molly at and on Twitter at @MollySanden.

[REVIEW] Joe's IF YOU LOSE HER gives that advice that guys sometime need

by Cyrus Webb

For years Joe has been one of the go-to guys for music that is sure to not just please the ears of that special lady but give guys something to enjoy as well. With IF YOU LOSE HER from his new project BRIDGES we are able to see almost a pep talk taking place with guys that are not treating that lady in life the way she should be treated. Joe uses the song to speak to the guys and say if you don't change what you are doing you are going to lose her forever.

Comparing the behavior of the gusy to that of a reckless gambler Joe sings "You're risking everything." "The stakes are high" because you're "playing with her heart" and you "don't realize how much it's gonna cost."

If you lose her Joe says "there will be a hole in your soul... There will be no grave deep enough to bury the pain. You might not see it now but you will see how much she's worth."

It can all begin so simply. You know you are mistreating her when she's "always last on your list" and "starving for affection." We as men sometimes ignore the signs and "turn a blind eye because you hear her say 'It's ok.'"

So Joe's advice before it gets that far? "If I was you I woulnd't take that chance," he says. Treat her right now because "when the tides of change roll in you'll be gone like footprints in the sand."

Definitely a song that fans of Joe will love and appreciate, IF YOU LOSE HER gives that reminder that guys sometimes need.

Get THE BRIDGE on Amazon and itunes now. You can stay in touch with Joe at and on Twitter at @joethomas4real

[Review] GIVE IT TO YOU by Vedo

Since many of us were introduced to Vedo on the hit show The Voice we have known that he was going to be someone to watch.

Though tens of thousands have tuned in to Youtube to watch the covers of other songs, with his original single GET IT TO YOU Vedo has shown why his talent and success can't be denied. "I don't want to love nobody else," he sings. "I'm stuck on you. You can let your guard down. You've been waiting for some time... Leave your problems at the door. Forget your 9 to 5. I'll be all you need. Come and talk with me."

The single is perfect for the ladies, and is sure to get you up and dancing whether you're out on the town or just relaxing at your home. You need that time to leave your troubles and the cares of the day behind and just enjoy the moment with that special someone.

The chorus brings it home with this: "Let me touch you, tease you (Give it to You). Let me love you, please you (Give it to You). Whenever you need me..."

A message for now with a throwback feel, GIVE IT TO YOU is sure to be one for the summer and beyond.

Get GIVE IT TO YOU on Amazon and other online retailers. Stay connected with Vedo at and

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

R&B Group Day 26 discuss THE RETURN on Conversations LIVE

It is what fans of Day 26 have been waiting for: the new album THE RETURN (coming June 26th).

Conversations LIVE host Cyrus Webb caught up with members Willie, Robert and Mike on DC Now Radio to talk about coming back together to create great music and what it's been like to see the response from the fans.

Listen to the conversation here: R&B Group Day 26 discuss THE RETURN on Conversations LIVE

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Order Your Copy of Conversations with Music's Aug./Sept. Issue Today

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Officially releasing on Monday, August 25th, the new issue begins together artists of all genres, sharing their common stories as well as their unique perspectives when it comes to their music and their audiences.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Award-winning R&B Group Jagged Edge stop by Conversations LIVE 06/19 by Cyrus Webb Presents | Entertainment Podcasts

They have given the world some of the best R&B over the past decade. Now Jagged Edge stops by #ConversationsLIVE to talk with host Cyrus Webb about their career and their new single HOPE.

Listen to the conversation here: Award-winning R&B Group Jagged Edge stop by Conversations LIVE 06/19 by Cyrus Webb Presents | Entertainment Podcasts

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cupid: Singing and Dancing His Way to Personal Greatness

Photo credit: PYP Portraits LLC
by Cyrus Webb

What is considered "good" these days is really in the eyes and ears of the beholder. Especially when it comes to music, what is popular is not always what is the best in the market.

Few understand this like recording artist Cupid. Many have gotten to know him because of his infectious single CUPID SHUFFLE which has a staggering 19 million-plus views on Youtube alone, but he is more than that one song. Since its release Cupid has been keeping people moving on the dance floor, but in 2013 he also got them thinking about their health and living a more fulfilled life. Simply put, through his life he has been showing people how to live.

"When you look at it you start to realize that God has a reason why he gives you the tools that he gives you and to use them in the right way," Cupid told me during our conversation."I wake up looking for ways to change people's lives through music."

He has certainly done just that. You'll not only hear him on the radio, but when the First Lady of the United States gives you a shout-out you know you must be on to something. Through his musical exercise program CuRobiks Cupid has taken his ability to bring people together and given them a tool to use in their quest for a more fulfilled life.

The dance party king is back with a new song sure to get you moving---and a new video that puts you in the mood to have a good time.On April 30th he released the video for his single WHAM DANCE featuring Mystikal and Dj Ro---and in less than 2 months over 52k have taken to Youtube to enjoy the latest offering of a man that is living his purpose and passion each and every day.

With limitless opportunities around him Cupid talked with me about the ride to success, being true to himself and the craft and what he hopes you know about him as an artist and a man.

"I started early, directing the church choir at age 12. It didn't really dawn on me until I was in college and became the talent show go-to guy that I could really do this."

"It's a feeling that is hard to explain. There are no boundaries. The labels put you in a box. I've been blessed to just make music."

"It's been a blessing. Initially when I signed (my deal) I spent a lot of time making music that wasn't great to me. Over time I've learned to fall back in love with music and making music that makes people feel good. I just try to make it fun and bring back the genuineness in music. "

"The feeling is like when you create something and you watch it grow. It's a love that you can't really explain. That's how it is with my music. It's been humbling to watch my music grow and touch so many people. Out of thin air we create something special. To see people dancing, sweating and really into it is something I will always appreciate."

"I'm deeply grounded in God. I've learned a lot along the way. I pray that no matter what mistakes I make that I don't make big mistakes I can't come back from. I'm constantly growing day by day. I do this not just to have a hit but for the true passion for it. When I make music, I don't make it for the trend. I want it to last a lifetime."

As he moves forward, Cupid has some sage advice for those who look at his success and think about their own path to greatness. "Keep on pushing and loving what you do," he says. "Remember that good guys do finish first. I'm proof of that. You just can't give up. The only way that you fail is if you quit."

Stay updated with everything Cupid by following him on Twitter @newcupid. His website is

Entertainment Renaissance man Tray Chaney celebrates Fatherhood with Single, Video

Tray Chaney seen here with his father, grandfather and son
(J Landers Photography)
by Cyrus Webb

Actor (HBO's The Wire and movies like Masterminds & Streets). Author (The Truth You Can't BeTray) .Community Leader.Recording Artist. Tray Chaney has used his various hats that he wears to showcase not just his talent but his commitment to making a difference as well. He brought in 2014 with a new video for his single DEDICATED FATHER from his album THE CURRICULUM.

The song and the video bring back the message that he shared with the world in his song FATHERHOOD which got national attention, even being featured on BET's 106 and Park. With DEDICATED FATHER, however, Tray takes us deeper into his own journey as a father, both to his son and his daughter from his wife's previous relationship. "I couldn't sit back and dwell upon the negative," Chaney says in the song, "so I had to make the situation turn positive. As I took your mom's hand in marriage I made a vow to you don't ever call me a step-parent." What a great message for those who are in relationships with individuals who had children previously. His message to other men in this situation? "Father to a father let's go make a difference."

We hear on the news all the time about individuals who have abandoned their responsibilities as fathers to their children. What Chaney reminds men of is that if you are truly going to call yourself a man, you should be making sure that your offspring are taken care of, regardless of the situation you might find yourself in with their mother.

An interesting element of the video is the group of men of various ages marching by the monument of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As they walk Chaney raps: "Motivating fathers all over the place.Fist in the air, fatherhood celebrate." It reminds you that just like King had a mission for his life, fathers should be willing to give everything to make sure that things are turned around when it comes to taking care of the youth.

Definitely a message that should motivate you to action, Chaney sums it up in the song with this truth: "Being there for your kid really makes a difference."

Get DEDICATED FATHER on Amazon here.