Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hip Hop Legend Warren G: Still In Love With Music

by Cyrus Webb

He appeared on the music scene over 20 years ago, and Grammy-nominated recording artist and producer Warren G is giving his fans music that they love and appreciate.

When I announced that I was going to be interviewing Warren G on Conversations LIVE radio show some thought it was outside of my normal realm of guests. I couldn't disagree more! What he has been able to do in music, television and movies over the years is not only inspirational, but shows all of us what is possible regardless what profession you are in.

When we got a chance to talk the internet was buzzing about his new single STILL IN LOVE. Some talked about it revealing a "softer side" of the rapper, but when I heard the song it was obvious that what he was talking about was not a woman but the love of his life: music. That is where we started the conversation, and Warren G took it from there...

"It feels good. It let's me know I'm still doing a good job in this industry as far as making music. Every record I try to still make great music. It feels good that after 20 years I can still do my thing as an artist, have longevity and still make hit records."

"When it comes to my fans I am just like them. When I see people go through certain things I know I've been through the same thing. I can guide them through my music."

"When you are trying to make it as an artist you have to stay relevant. I communicate with my fans through Twitter and U-Stream. One thing I don't do is get into all the drama. Life is too short for that. I keep relationships with all the people I started with in the business. A lot of these people who are the heads of these companies they were with me when I was nothing, and they were just starting out. The key is to be a humble person, and try to steer people in the right direction."

"This is how alot o f people survive. You have to be able to work. I'm not going to be stupid and mess up what I have going and get in trouble where people don't want to work with me.

"A lot of artists over-saturate themselves. Those that do you're not going to hear from them much longer. When it comes to me, if I like the artist I will reach out about working together."

"Be yourself. Make sure you have a good lawyer and a great manager. Most importantly don't change for nobody. Be you."

 Warren G's single STILL IN LOVE is available now. Look for the mixtape by the same name to be released soon. To stay in contact with Warren G visit You can also follow him on Twitter at

CONVERSATION PIECES: Recording Artist Trenyce

by Sabrina Andrews (with Cyrus Webb)

Her appeal is undeniable.

Many got to know Trenyce on Season 2 of American Idol, the platform that propelled her onto the world stage. The difference between her and so many others, however, is that she is still holding her own.

An accomplished recording artist who has gone on to do plays and concerts performing all over the world, Trenyce is not defined by the singing competition. If anything from there she has been moving onward and upward, sharing a gift that seems to know no bounds.

Cyrus Webb was privileged to spend some time with the songstress  a couple of months ago, and the first thing that came from the conversation was the gratitude that Trenyce feels for the opportunity she has to share her gift.

"I do feel absolutely blessed to have worked 10 years consistently," she said to Webb during her interview on Conversations LIVE. "A lot of  that is surrounding myself with really good people who believed in me from day one." Trenyce also discussed the discipline it takes to keep going, even in the face of difficulty. Referencing being a finalist on American Idol she told Cyrus and the listeners "There can only be one winner on the show. I have learned that being a winner is not a place in a race. It's about what you do with the spot that you're in and the circumstances that you're given.

"I know in my heart it's not about a number," she continued. "It's about accomplishing the goal that you've set out for yourself." If anything not winning American Idol was one of the best things that could have happened to the rising star. It made her that much more determined to follow her dream and be true to it.

"That is the ultimate goal," she shared. "All I wanted to do was sing. I didn't think about the politics of it. I've been singing in my room with a hair brush since I was 2 years old. The industry tells you that you're only as good as your last project. My thought was don't let American Idol be the last thing on your resume."

Sure enough that resume has grown quite a bit since Idol. Trenyce has shared the stage with actor Morris Chestnut and even been reunited with American Idol winner Ruben Studdard along her journey. With the opportunities have also come the rewards, including a Grammy nomination. With every event and milestone that comes her way she shares it with her fans both in person and online.

"I think that the #1 thing that keeps you going is the fans and the friendship you have with fans," she said to Webb. "Even through dark days there's always that email or blog that makes me realize that you're on your own path without all the extra. They allow me to breathe and vent when I need to. It's a great feeling to have your fans understand what you're going through and be on that road with you."

As she works on her album and continues to tour, Trenyce says that music has allowed her to stay in the light and not go into the darkness. "When I am in the studio I'm on a complete high. It's just me and the music. When I get in the studio I can be soulful and do what I know my voice is best for."

Trenyce believes that her career is built on the sincerity she brings to the craft and the realness she shares of herself. Music is her rebirth, and she invites others to find what it is that brings them to life. "It might take a long time to figure out where you fit in," she says, "but it's you that has to get you there."

Stay in contact with Trenyce on Twitter at and on Facebook by visiting

Travis Malloy: Pushing Others Toward Their Destiny

by Cyrus Webb

There's nothing better than to use your life as a message and testimony to what is possible in your life and that of others.

For recording artist Travis Malloy he has been able to use his abilities as a lyrical storyteller to not just share the Gospel with others but his amazing journey as well.

"I enjoy any time that I can minister to young people through my life and experiences," he told me when he joined me on Conversations LIVE not too long ago. "I don't enjoy writing songs that I haven't experienced. I enjoy writing songs that can show people that the presence of God is real."

The ability to reach people through words and song started some time ago. Travis told me that when he got to high school he was "singing songs that He gave me". "I understand the importance of being in the presence of God," he explained. "We don't sometimes give God's power the presence it deserves. If we let him, He can bring clarity to what you're going to."

The words that Travis Malloy pens are very personal to him, and that makes it even more powerful that others are benefiting. "I write to minister to myself," he told me. "Everything that I write about I have experienced. It's very humbling that others have been helped by what I have to say."

Because of that connection and the influence that can come along with it, I asked Travis how does he keep from getting lost in the attention and celebrity aspect of it all. He told me "Sometimes we deal with things in our lives that will always draw you back to Him. For me, I get really nervous before a performance. Because of this I have to put my focus on God and not on myself. He brings me the peace. My nervousness keeps the focused on Him and the goal of helping souls be drawn to Christ."

At the end of the day Travis told me that he wants others to understand the gift that they have been given and how they can use it for good. "I have always been one to help push people into their destiny," he says. "I want to help them to identify their calling. Once you know what your purpose is you won't say yes to everything." Realizing his purpose has also kept Travis where he knows he is supposed to be. "I have been hairs away from going R&B." What stopped him? "That would be fulfilling a 'right now' place in my life. God has called me to be a minstrel for Him."

TRAVIS MALLOY---the new self-titled project--- was a 2 year process that Travis wanted to take his time to get right. "I really worked on this album, because we wanted to serve God and wanted Him to be pleased with this ministry. I want you to enjoy what you hear." His hope is that it will reach people where they are and help them to understand how precious they are to their Creator and how much He wants the very best for them.

For more information about Travis and his music visit You can also find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter at

Matthew Gray:Answering The Call To Create Great Music

by Sabrina Andrews
     with Cyrus Webb

Toronto's own Matthew Gray has gone from being just a lover of music himself to now creating music that others are enjoying as well.

His new single "Shoulda Got Her Number" definitely got the attention of Conversations LIVE radio show host Cyrus Webb, and Gray was invited to be a guest on the program to introduce it: his first radio interview in the States.

Webb began the discussion by asking the artist what it's been like to be promoting his own music. "It's been a rollercoaster," Gray told Webb. "I've been working on music my whole life, but to be now professionally doing it is showing that the hard work is paying off."

Gray went on to tell Webb that he wants his songs to be "something that guys and girls can relate to. I want it to be able to help them through situations in their lives."

During the interview Webb asked the artist when he knew that music was something he wanted to pursue. "It was almost like a calling," Gray told him. "I knew at the age of 4 that this is what I wanted to do and had to do. It was something that I had to pursue, and I've been going after it ever since."

Matthew also talked about how the journey has been made easier by knowing that he has good people behind him like his family and friends.

One tool that has certainly made it easier to find artists like Matthew Gray is the internet. He was asked about its impact on his career and the way he was able to communicate with fans. "The internet has definitely opened up the world to new artists," he says. "It's very innovative for the music industry and a great way to connect and share."

With this being something that he has wanted for so long, Webb asked Gray about the business aspect of the industry and how he is able to find a balance for himself. "I'm a perfectionist," he says with a laugh. "I feel the most amount of pressure from myself. I want people to connect with the music. I've been doing this for a while, and I did learn a lot along the way that is going to help me in the future. "

When talking about the single "Shoulda Got Her Number" Matthew told Webb that it was inspired by a real event in his life. Since it's release, he feels good about the response so far. "It feels like a huge accomplishment to finally have the song done. I definitely wanted to make sure that it was at the point where I wanted it to be." Another sign of how seriously he takes the craft and the art of songwriting. It's also been great for him to perform the single. "There are so many things you can do with your vocals," he told Webb. "It's a fun song to perform. I think that everybody can relate to it."

So what does Matthew's journey mean for what each of us can accomplish? "I really do believe that everybody has to go out there and pursue their dream," he told Webb. "It is possible. Anything is possible with hard work and effort. I believe that people can prevail if they never give up."

A great message from a talented messenger! Find out more about Matthew Gray and download the single SHOULDA GOT HER NUMBER for free today at You can also visit his Youtube page at and follow him on Twitter at