Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pretty Boiiz: Creating Music Without Limits

by Cyrus Webb

It would seem that CT natives Rocky and J-Rez were destined to create music together. The two met while in school together and that meeting led to their forming the group Pretty Boiiz. The result has been that they are creating a sound that people are gravitating to and enjoying and goes beyond any limits that may be put in front of them.

When talking to the two of them it is obvious they are not only excited about the success they are having but enjoying themselves along the journey as well. "People are listening and joining the movement," J-Rez told me during the phone interview. "That is a good feeling, because it is something we have put our hearts into."

They have definitely come a long way since that initial meeting in 2004. Three years after that they had entered a talent competition when in high school, which led to their meeting their manager. I asked them what it was like to be in their early 20s and already doing what they want to do while so many others their ages are still trying to figure it all out. Rocky told me it was a real blessing, and J-Rez added this: "What is really good is that people like us for us. We're staying true to ourselves and living our lives in a positive way."

The name Pretty Boiiz came about when the two were trying to figure out what would fit them and their style the best. In school they had become known as "pretty boys" for their love of fashion and looking good. In the end it seemed like the perfect description of who they were and what they represented.

Describing their sound was easy. They wanted to produce music that was fun, creative and different, and something that people their age and all ages could relate to.

When they were guests on Conversations LIVE Radio in September 2011 they introduced their single "Blue Yankee On". They have released a video for the single that can be found at

I asked them what they would say to others who looked at their success and what they have achieved and wanted to know what advice they would offer. They both mirrored the same sentiment: "Never give up on your dream. If you believe in yourself there is nothing you won't be able to do."

To stay in contact with the Pretty Boiiz visit You can also find them on Twitter at Interested in listening to their interview on Conversations LIVE? Visit

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