Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Saturday, December 20, 2014

R&B Star Tank Returns STRONGER with New Album

by Cyrus Webb

When recording artist Tank does something, he goes all out. Whether it's his solo projects, collaborating with other talented artists or acting you can look for him to put his heart and soul into whatever the project is. Fans of the soulful singer will be pleased to know that the same is true for his 2014 solo release STRONGER. From beginning to end it is a solid work of art, giving you those tracks that will make you dance, reflect and want to fall in love all over again.

The majority of the project is classic Tank, starting off with the single "You're My Star". The ladies will appreciate the words of the artist as he sings about loving everything that she is to him. "You're my star," he sings. "I'm so infatuated with who you are." The same is true with singles like "Nobody Better" and "If That's What It Takes" where it's obvious Tank is trying to let a woman know that she deserves more than she's getting. "You should let me love you the right way," he says. "Everytime I look at you I know there aint nobody better. I would do whatever..."

For those that are looking for something a little more upbeat, the next two singles ("Dance with Me" and "I Gotta Have It" will satisfy you. Tank invites you to let it go and "get lost in the music".

Lovers of old school R&B will appreciate "Missing You" as it gives you that Marvin Gaye feel for sure. There he talks about the way he misses everything about that special lady, letting her know that she is not far from his mind."

The single "Same Way" has a slight Carribean feel to it as Tank sings about taking the "perfect getaway... There's nothing like my lady," he declares. "I knew that since the first day, and I still feel the same way...."

For me the most powerful single on the entire project is "Hope This Makes You Love Me". It's raw, honest and perfect for so many situations. It's not just about a relationship. It's about being a better person, someone worthy of God's love. Though we know we can't buy our way into His favor (or anyone else's for that matter), this song really shows what it means to want to do your best. "Look at me I'm such a mess," he sings, "and I normally would keep this all to myself. I ain't got much left but I want you to have it all. I hope this makes you love me.I've been doing everything for you. And I know it sounds crazy, but I hope this makes you love me." The song really takes you into the soul of the man, the being behind the fame. "My pride done told my ego to get it a rest...", and then Tank transitions back to that special lady, saying to her that this is who he is---and he hopes it's enough.

The title track "Stronger" sounds like a love letter to his fans who have stuck by him and their love for his music and the work he has put out into the universe. Having that support system seems to have been what he needed to be 'stronger than he's ever been'.

Definitely a solid body of work from beginning to end, Tank's STRONGER is just what lovers of R&B have been waiting for.

Stay connected with Tank at and on Twitter at @therealtank. The album STRONGER is available on Amazon here.

(Review) BLAST OFF by recording artist Willie Taylor of Day 26

by Cyrus Webb

Singer/songwriter Willie Taylor is consistently giving the world music that they can either jam or dance to. Whether its with his brothers in the group Day 26 or solo you can expect him to create something you will remember and that speaks primarily to his audience of loyal female fans. BLAST OFF is a perfect example of that.

After you're said everything you had to say and eaten as much (food) as you want, Willie let's you in this single that he's left some room for something special.

Using the lyrical metaphors that have become a part of his trademark, Willie lets the ladies know that what they're about to experience is going to be out of this world.

"I want to take your body to the moon... Hope that you're ready 'cause we're going outta space...when we blast off. I love it when we blast off. Buckle your seatbelt, I'm all about safety. Riding this ship heading to ecstasy... Love it when we blast off."

BLAST OFF is available now on Amazon. Stay connected with Willie on Facebook and Twitter. Get Day 26's new album THE RETURN for FREE here.