Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Monday, April 2, 2012

PROFILE: Adie (Valletta-Malta)

Name: Adie


Year established: 2009


Hometown: VallettaMalta


Current Location: G'Mangia – Malta


Genre of music: Pop with a cross-over in rnb/dance/hip-hop


What inspired you to pursue your love of music?


Music was always part and parcel of my life without me being aware of this from when I was a kid. My dad was my inspiration – the man who introduced music, singing and dance to me and in my life. I recall him buying a lot of 9 inch vinyl records, mostly of The Beatles, Abba, Smokie and The Four Tops (and of other groups and artists too), having had the hobby of collecting them too, and then dancing and singing with each song of theirs. Then it continued at school where I used to experiment with poem writing and developing these poems into my very first songs. At school, they also used to choose me to be a main part in musicals that would require me to sing, dance and act at the same time, year after year.


Mum was also a big fan of Italian music and so, we never missed watching their popular annual music festivals on TV. The love for music could never stop and it kept growing, leading me to win a very important talent show, then a national karaoke, local festivals all this leading to being a resident singer on Malta's Top Talk-Show at age 16. I also took part in various TV programmes and I have been invited as a guest singer both in the Maltese Islands and overseas. Having experienced things other people don't experience in their every day lives such as being the support act singer in Italy at age 14 for well-known and established singers Riccardo Fogli, Luca Barbarossa and Scialpi and recently, for The Cheeky Girls who came in Malta last March, makes it even more exciting and inspiring. I was very lucky to meet other Italian famous singers such as NEK, Orietta Berti and Fior Da Liso in person and was 2 metres away from actually speaking to my favourite actor Brad Pitt whilst he was filming World War Z in Malta this Summer. Last year I was also invited as a special guest singer on an Italian TV programme that featured a talent show competition amongst teenagers. When I think of these experiences, I look back at them with great pride and with a big smile on my face for all were wonderful and fantastic experiences, not to mention that music also opened doors for me such as being a Dj and radio a presenter. Yet, I'm even more curious to know what the future reserves for me and my music career and I'm looking forward to live this music journey to the full!


Who are some of your influences?


My influences vary from a heavy dose of American music, mainly those in the pop and rnb genre, including soft rock. Great artists such as Arethra Franklin, Michael Jackson, Madonna, the 90's music and nowadays, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, J.Lo, Akon and Ne-Yo are my favourites as they inspire me a lot. Bon Jovi, Europe and Scorpions were favourites too although I'm not so much into rock. I must admit that Italian music has had a great impact on me and my music too, especially Zucchero, Michele Zarrillo and Laura Pausini but my number one right now is Adele. I just can't stop listening to her album '21'. This gives me more courage and faith because from artists such as Adele I learn that singers who are not stereotypical and that have a great voice but do not fit in the usual diva figure, can be successful too.


When it comes to pursuing music, what is your idea or view of what success means?


My success would be when people start requesting more and more of my music; when they cannot stop listening to it because they just love what they're hearing and when I feel that all my efforts and hard work are being appreciated by many people from different parts of the world. I truly believe that this is a small world we are living in, especially from when internet was born, where it is easier to connect with people from wherever you are. But I strongly believe that music unites and having to travel to different parts of the world, appreciating the individual beauty each country and its people has to offer whilst trying to give them something back from my country, would make me feel so fulfilled and useful to society. Also, having this talent, is not something to be taken for granted – it's a gift from God – and so my mission is to try and use it the best way I can whilst earning a living from what I love doing most. Combining all this with my favourite hobbies - that are meeting people, learning new things and languages, going abroad, clubbing, dancing and enjoying life – wouldn't be a bad idea either.



What keeps you motivated?


The fact that I come from the tiny sunny island of Malta, that is marked as a dot (and that is almost invisible when compared to other countries and continents on the globe), and today, I'm being featured in this popular international magazine of yours, I guess it's already motivating enough and beyond my expectations! Moreover, looking back and re-living those memories in my past, I realize more and more how much I've learnt, how much I've been through and how much I've grown. The gigantic improvements that I see, although I feel I can still do more since my aim is to reach higher goals in my life and in my music career, keeps me wanting more of this and I have a feeling that I am now moving in the right direction.



What advice do you have for aspiring musicians or individuals interested in pursuing their own dreams?


This is interesting as one of the mottos I pursue in my life is that if one stops dreaming, one stops living! This is because I feel that dreams are such an important asset in our lives, in my life especially. Dreams motivate me, they push my limits and even encourage me to be more creative and be the person who I always aspire to be. If there are no dreams, most probably there are no aims in life and unfortunately, nothing to look forward to. It's good to be a dreamer, but it's also important to be realistic. If an artist decides to become a singer or a songwriter because they think they are going to become rich overnight and live comfortably, then that shows that their dream is most probably an unrealistic one, unless they already have the money, the right contacts and people to push them immediately to the top. However, the reality of a musician is far than relaxing and living in luxury!  Speaking of myself, apart from being a singer and a songwriter, I also have my full-time job to help me fund my own music, apart from keeping me busy intellectually and young at heart. I teach kids and although this is very demanding and energy-consuming, I feel happy because I can be of service to the most honest beings in this world. It also makes me proud because by the end of each scholastic year, all of the children would have made amazing improvement holistically, and that would mean that I made a difference in their lives. Therefore, it's very draining for me to cope with what I consider and call as my 'two full-time jobs' and sleepless nights, but as they say, it's how badly you want it that makes you work so hard for it – and this is me, hoping that my big day is near! Where there is a will, there is a way and I'm definitely giving my best here with no regrets.



Where can readers find out more about you or purchase your music?


The readers can listen to my music into more detail and get to know more about me, my life and personality, by means of accessing my Official Website, apart from viewing videos I submit on my YouTube Channel called adiemusic. I consider my website as my baby and my home, where new and fresh information are usually published there first. Then, apart from the website and YouTube, one can also reach me on the social networks.


  1. We are very proud you are Maltese and keep up the great talent Adie ;))Nuxa

  2. WOW A Young and Versatile Talented young Maltese Lady - Well Done and Keep it Up - S.A.B. from Sliema Malta.

  3. Yess Adie...... never give up keep on working,as you said were there's a will there's a way & Dreams will come true.....