Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cupid: Singing and Dancing His Way to Personal Greatness

Photo credit: PYP Portraits LLC
by Cyrus Webb

What is considered "good" these days is really in the eyes and ears of the beholder. Especially when it comes to music, what is popular is not always what is the best in the market.

Few understand this like recording artist Cupid. Many have gotten to know him because of his infectious single CUPID SHUFFLE which has a staggering 19 million-plus views on Youtube alone, but he is more than that one song. Since its release Cupid has been keeping people moving on the dance floor, but in 2013 he also got them thinking about their health and living a more fulfilled life. Simply put, through his life he has been showing people how to live.

"When you look at it you start to realize that God has a reason why he gives you the tools that he gives you and to use them in the right way," Cupid told me during our conversation."I wake up looking for ways to change people's lives through music."

He has certainly done just that. You'll not only hear him on the radio, but when the First Lady of the United States gives you a shout-out you know you must be on to something. Through his musical exercise program CuRobiks Cupid has taken his ability to bring people together and given them a tool to use in their quest for a more fulfilled life.

The dance party king is back with a new song sure to get you moving---and a new video that puts you in the mood to have a good time.On April 30th he released the video for his single WHAM DANCE featuring Mystikal and Dj Ro---and in less than 2 months over 52k have taken to Youtube to enjoy the latest offering of a man that is living his purpose and passion each and every day.

With limitless opportunities around him Cupid talked with me about the ride to success, being true to himself and the craft and what he hopes you know about him as an artist and a man.

"I started early, directing the church choir at age 12. It didn't really dawn on me until I was in college and became the talent show go-to guy that I could really do this."

"It's a feeling that is hard to explain. There are no boundaries. The labels put you in a box. I've been blessed to just make music."

"It's been a blessing. Initially when I signed (my deal) I spent a lot of time making music that wasn't great to me. Over time I've learned to fall back in love with music and making music that makes people feel good. I just try to make it fun and bring back the genuineness in music. "

"The feeling is like when you create something and you watch it grow. It's a love that you can't really explain. That's how it is with my music. It's been humbling to watch my music grow and touch so many people. Out of thin air we create something special. To see people dancing, sweating and really into it is something I will always appreciate."

"I'm deeply grounded in God. I've learned a lot along the way. I pray that no matter what mistakes I make that I don't make big mistakes I can't come back from. I'm constantly growing day by day. I do this not just to have a hit but for the true passion for it. When I make music, I don't make it for the trend. I want it to last a lifetime."

As he moves forward, Cupid has some sage advice for those who look at his success and think about their own path to greatness. "Keep on pushing and loving what you do," he says. "Remember that good guys do finish first. I'm proof of that. You just can't give up. The only way that you fail is if you quit."

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