Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Thursday, November 27, 2014

[REVIEW] Joe's IF YOU LOSE HER gives that advice that guys sometime need

by Cyrus Webb

For years Joe has been one of the go-to guys for music that is sure to not just please the ears of that special lady but give guys something to enjoy as well. With IF YOU LOSE HER from his new project BRIDGES we are able to see almost a pep talk taking place with guys that are not treating that lady in life the way she should be treated. Joe uses the song to speak to the guys and say if you don't change what you are doing you are going to lose her forever.

Comparing the behavior of the gusy to that of a reckless gambler Joe sings "You're risking everything." "The stakes are high" because you're "playing with her heart" and you "don't realize how much it's gonna cost."

If you lose her Joe says "there will be a hole in your soul... There will be no grave deep enough to bury the pain. You might not see it now but you will see how much she's worth."

It can all begin so simply. You know you are mistreating her when she's "always last on your list" and "starving for affection." We as men sometimes ignore the signs and "turn a blind eye because you hear her say 'It's ok.'"

So Joe's advice before it gets that far? "If I was you I woulnd't take that chance," he says. Treat her right now because "when the tides of change roll in you'll be gone like footprints in the sand."

Definitely a song that fans of Joe will love and appreciate, IF YOU LOSE HER gives that reminder that guys sometimes need.

Get THE BRIDGE on Amazon and itunes now. You can stay in touch with Joe at and on Twitter at @joethomas4real

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