Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Friday, November 28, 2014

Day 26: Ushering THE RETURN of great R&B

When it was announced that Day 26 was returning to the music scene the response from their fans (including myself) was immediate. I had interviewed members of the group over the years, and was always struck not just by their talent but their ability to bring the best of themselves to the work they were doing.

In 2014 they have done it again.

With THE RETURN the group's oringinal members Brian, Willie, Michael, Qwanell and Robert reunite to create not just great music but a great vibe that is sure to thrill music lovers beginning in the summer and continuing throughout the rest of the year.

"Just to see that the fans are still rockin' with us and to see new faces is amazing," Robert told me. He also says that the chemistry of the group is back. "We've grown alot, and it feels good to be back together."

Willie agrees: "It's like reliving a dream," he says. "We made this group back in 2007, and for us to be back with all the members in 1 album is great."

Reference the response to the first single "Bulls#!t", Mike says "It's great to see people still love our music and have anticipatee our return."

Taking advantage of new media and the power of their online presence the group released the project on June 26, 2014, making it available for free to their fans. Whether it's singles like R&B SINGER, YOU'RE WORTH IT or RUSSIAN ROULETTE you hear the traditional Day 26 harmony and soulfulness--and it takes you back to when you were first introduced to the group. You also get something else from this album: the group's maturity. They bring with them their life experiences and the lessons they have learned, and it all comes together to create something you won't soon forget. Day 26's RETURN also pay homage to those who came before them (like the group Silk) with their amazing rendition of LOSE CONTROL which closes out the project.

As they have been hitting the stage throughout the summer in a variety of venues and preparing for their tour to support the album I think that both those who have been with the group since the beginning and those who are just being introduced to them are in for a treat. Yes the ladies will surely appreciate the return of Day 26 for their own reasons, but the guys should be just as glad to have them back because THE RETURN has just the right words for them to say that might just help them out in the relationship department.

Here are some of the notable messages:

In BULLS#!T the group discusses what happens when that special lady has been listening to what others have to say about him and their faithfulness: "I could have who I want to," Day 26 sings, "but girl I chose you...If you only knew that I was telling the truth. I lied before but so have you..." It also addresses the ulterior motives that can come from such accusations. "If you're looking for a way out just say it..." the single says, acknowledging that sometimes the pointing of the finger at the other person is a way of distracting from what the accuser really wants.

In YOU'RE WORTH IT Day 26 slows it down and get's to the heart. "Girl you're hotter than a Summer, and my love is burning up for you," they sing. "Your smile is colder than the winter. Time is frozen from the thought of you. I find myself all into you. Something I never thought that I would do..." This is the perfect single for that guy who is trying to find the words to let that special girl know how he makes him feel.

Probably one of my favorite tracks on the project is RUSSIAN ROULETTE. Day 26 sings that in love all days are not going to be good, and you have to make a decision if the chance of hurt is worth the pursuing of love. "Someone has to smile, someone has to cry. Someone has to live, someone has to die. Someone has to lose, someone has to win. Someone has to start, someone has to end." The question becomes Is it worth it?

Along with the album THE RETURN there's a book that allows you to go through a story of a singer who is inspired by the guys of Day 26 in not just following his dreams of being in the business but getting his relationship situation under control. Each chapter is a song title, giving you a chance to go deeper into each song on the project---once again giving you something new from the group.

From beginning to end this is a tightly constructed musical adventure that listeners will be able to return to time and again. Without a doubt THE RETURN is everything you could ask for in an album and more.

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