Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Friday, August 3, 2012

TWO OUT OF THREE: Double-Teaming R&B

by Cyrus Webb

Success is something that is so much better when you are able to share it. For recording artists Kyle and Cody Mead--twin brothers in a set of triplets--success is something they are enjoying to the fullest. Blessed with the gift of song, the guys have been making their mark not just because what they look like, but because of what they sound like. At a young age they are not just singer/songwriters but are living their dreams as R&B artists following their dreams and seeing results.

I've had the pleasure of talking with the guys on a few occasions, and as I have watched their growth and the attention and buzz around them swell, I can't help but be happy for them and their family. Managed by their father Wayne, the two are excited about all of the great feedback they are receiving about their music not just online but in the shows and events they have been fortunate to participate in. 

When I was compiling the second issue of Conversations with Music I knew I had to feature the guys. It wasn't just about what they were doing for themselves, but also because of the example they are setting for so many others when it comes to following a dream.

They talked exclusively with me about the progress they are seeing, their beginnings, drive and why Two Out Of Three is here to stay.

Guys, it's great to be able to speak with you two again. You all have been doing so much, but for those who weren't able to catch our previous conversations, let's go back to the beginning. When did this all begin for you two?
K.M.: We were really young, like nine years old. Both of us have always liked to sing. Around the age of 10 we started entering competitions and were hooked It's really just taken off from there. The response just kept us going, inspiring us to move forward.

Cody, how does it feel to be following your dreams the way that you are?
C.M.: It's really a blessing. I feel like we are blessed, because alot of people don't get the opportunity to do what we are doing. That's why we both are giving it our all. There really is no better feeling in the world.

Kody, we talked on the radio show about your having each other on stage for support. How do you carve out individual time for yourself? It has to be difficult since you are together so much writing and performing.
K.M.: I do write by myself, too. Though we sound good together we are different, so we do work on our own things as well. When it comes to being on stage it's just great to know that we have each other's back.

What do you hope people take away from your music?
C.M.: I want them to feel the love, energy and freedom that we project. This is our way of talking to people and telling them how we feel.
K.M.: I agree with Cody. I love energy, and we want others to know how we feel. Once you hear us you will know that we have our own style. We are not like everyone else. More than anything we want to make them happy.

We talked about success in June when you were on the radio show. You are getting more of a taste of that success right now. Where does it go from here?
K.M.: Our goals include for the world to hear us. I want our music to be available in store everywhere.
C.M.: Yeah, I agree. I just want us to be successful. Music is my life, and I want it to be my livelihood, my way of supporting my family. I also want to continue to help and bless others,too.

Thanks to both of you for allowing me to share with our readers your story. Any advice you have for those reading this conversation and need some encouragement in their own lives?
K. M.: Never give up. Keep pushing. If anyone tries to slow you down, get away from them. What's in your heart is in your mind and that is what you should listen to. Whatever you are trying to accomplish in your own life don't ever stop. Nothing's impossible.
C.M.: That goes for me, too. No matter how you were raised, do what you love to do. Go with your heart. If people inspire you, stay around those people. If you give up now you'll never know what you could accomplish.

Find out more information about Two Out Of Three by visiting /. You can also find them Facebook and on Twitter at @ttwwoouuttooff3.

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