Conversations with Music Sept./Oct. 2015

Conversations with Music Sept./Oct. 2015
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Friday, August 3, 2012


by Cyrus Webb

I've interviewed hundreds of recording artists of all genres of music over the past nine years, but few have proved to be as engaging and enlightening as MC Yogi. He has transformed from a shy, quiet kid growing up to a man that is a force of nature all unto himself. In April of this year I had the privilege of conversing with the recording artist and Yoga Teacher as he was promoting his new single GIVE LOVE and preparing for the launch of his album PILGRIMAGE. We were able to discuss not just the beginning of his love of music but how he sees his role as a recording artist and how it affects the world.
Here are some of the highlights:

"My love of music probably started when I heard the drum beat of my mother's heart while in the womb. I've been searching for the perfect beat ever since. Life is music for me. From the sound of the birds to our conversation it's all music."

"Music like Yoga brings us together and creates this common language. For me music carries you into a different place. Music and Yoga help us to overcome the short-sidedness of our own ideas about life. In that way they're like medicine."

"I believe that the music is always there. As an artist we're not creating the music. We're just opening ourselves up to being a vehicle, opening ourselves up so that the music can flow through us. When I'm performing it's important that I am getting out of my own way so that the music can flow them me. That's what any good music does: it helps you to get out of your own head, expanding our horizons."

"When you commit yourself to something that is bigger than yourself, there is a tremendous amount of energy that you didn't know you had that starts to surface. The moment you plug into that source you start to create this experience of being in awe all the time. There's nothing like it."

"The moment I committed to making my art my service, I was able to realize so much more. Our words have power. Words create worlds. That's how we build the foundation of our society."

When it comes to his single GIVE LOVE Yogi told me that it combines "the two most important things we can do in our lifetime: 'give' and 'love'. We're only here for a short time. The most important thing for us to do while we are here is to give love."

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