Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Antoine Lomax: Answering the Call to Be the Best of Himself

by Cyrus Webb

For some people the arts are just a part of who they are. It's not so much a decision but a calling. Mississippi native Antoine Lomax has received and answered the call.

He is not just a recording artist that is respected for his lyrical ability but a talented visual artist as well. This year he was also a regular at my weekly poetry night that I hosted in Rankin County, so I got a chance to see firsthand how others responded to him.

"I found the passion for music when I was in high school," he told me during our conversation for this issue. "I was in a lot of groups but I realized that performing solo was my thing. It allowed me to speak about the things I was going through and knew about."

That ability to connect with individuals is a key part of his appeal. "I can touch people more," he says when describing the message he delivers through music." It is a gift that he says was encouraged by his family. "It was my great grandma that raised me and truly believed in me," he says. "She is by far my number one inspiration."

Having that inspiration has kept him from slacking, realizing the importance of what he has been given. "At times when I don't write and work on something like my art like I'm supposed to it bothers me. I feel God talking to me through other people telling me to keep going and not to give up."

When I asked Antoine what keeps him motivated when others have stopped he explained that it was the passion that's in him. "I want to do something with my life. It's a calling. I've been blessed with the talent, and I just want to do something with it."

His advice for anyone getting started or who has a dream? "Don't ever doubt yourself. There will be obstacles in your path, but go past them, keep the faith and believe in yourself. If you don't believe you can't achieve."

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