Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Travis Malloy: Pushing Others Toward Their Destiny

by Cyrus Webb

There's nothing better than to use your life as a message and testimony to what is possible in your life and that of others.

For recording artist Travis Malloy he has been able to use his abilities as a lyrical storyteller to not just share the Gospel with others but his amazing journey as well.

"I enjoy any time that I can minister to young people through my life and experiences," he told me when he joined me on Conversations LIVE not too long ago. "I don't enjoy writing songs that I haven't experienced. I enjoy writing songs that can show people that the presence of God is real."

The ability to reach people through words and song started some time ago. Travis told me that when he got to high school he was "singing songs that He gave me". "I understand the importance of being in the presence of God," he explained. "We don't sometimes give God's power the presence it deserves. If we let him, He can bring clarity to what you're going to."

The words that Travis Malloy pens are very personal to him, and that makes it even more powerful that others are benefiting. "I write to minister to myself," he told me. "Everything that I write about I have experienced. It's very humbling that others have been helped by what I have to say."

Because of that connection and the influence that can come along with it, I asked Travis how does he keep from getting lost in the attention and celebrity aspect of it all. He told me "Sometimes we deal with things in our lives that will always draw you back to Him. For me, I get really nervous before a performance. Because of this I have to put my focus on God and not on myself. He brings me the peace. My nervousness keeps the focused on Him and the goal of helping souls be drawn to Christ."

At the end of the day Travis told me that he wants others to understand the gift that they have been given and how they can use it for good. "I have always been one to help push people into their destiny," he says. "I want to help them to identify their calling. Once you know what your purpose is you won't say yes to everything." Realizing his purpose has also kept Travis where he knows he is supposed to be. "I have been hairs away from going R&B." What stopped him? "That would be fulfilling a 'right now' place in my life. God has called me to be a minstrel for Him."

TRAVIS MALLOY---the new self-titled project--- was a 2 year process that Travis wanted to take his time to get right. "I really worked on this album, because we wanted to serve God and wanted Him to be pleased with this ministry. I want you to enjoy what you hear." His hope is that it will reach people where they are and help them to understand how precious they are to their Creator and how much He wants the very best for them.

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