Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Brooke Adams shows the Importance of FIGHTING in spite of the world's troubles

by Cyrus Webb

When it seems as though everything is going wrong, we need reminders that there is still good that exists and we can be a part of the change.

In Brooke Adams's new single STILL FIGHTING it reminds us that just as evil seems to be taking over we have to still fight for what is right. Addressing the song to all of us, Brooke asks a series of questions: "What are we gonna do? Can we make a change?" She then delivers this powerful answer: "Together we can stop the pain. There's so much we can do. We can make a change... Make this home a better place."

This reminds us that to fight for the good is a choice, and one that we have to make if we want to see things turn around. "All across the world there's so much going on," she acknowledges, "but we keep fighting."

Apathy is not an option. In fact, it is really a choice to allow the darkness to win. To bring this point home Brooke asks this important question: "What are we waiting for? If we don't help one another..look out for each other... We must stand up for what's right. If we don't stand up for what's right there will never be a change. Together we can turn the page."

This great anthem is a reminder that change can come, but only if you are willing to do the work. "We have to take control," Brooke says, and that decision begins right now.

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