Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Model/Recording Artist Don Benjamin Surprises, Teaches with Doin' It Well

by Cyrus Webb

(Note: Listen to Don Benjamin on Conversations LIVE radio show here. )

Anyone who dismisses Don Benjamin as another pretty boy trying to make a career with music is making a big mistake.

He may have made his mark in the world through modeling and with his looks, but there is more to him than meets the eye.

The single he released this summer DON' IT WELL (featuring Elijah Blake) is proof not only of his skills on the mic but his ability to send an important message to men and women alike: don't sell yourself short.

Guys take note: Don is showing you how to make a woman feel special by celebrating all that she is. "I know you tired of being disrespected," he raps, "tired of feeling disconnected." Speaking of her previous relationships that left her lacking he adds" "The sex is cool but the intellect is missing."

That's where Don make his case. "Let me get up in your mental, see where your head at. See where you headed in life not where your bed at." Though he finds her physically attractive he wants her to know that he wants and expects more from her. "So quick to throw that kit kat," he raps, "but give that kit kat a break we'll sit and chit chat."

Later on in the track Don properly addresses her physically, but he wants that special lady to know right now there's more on his mind. "Don't move too fast," he says. "Harder to hold a convo than to get some easy ass."

That's when we get to Don's motives. "I'm trying to take you higher. I know what you need." And guys Don shows we have to have more to offer than just looks and skills in the bedroom. "I'm gonna show you what a man is made of," he proclaims. "Self sufficient. Independent. Bills all paid up... Ain't running no game," he says. "In love with your brain. You are visually stunning, mentally too."

DOIN' IT WELL is the perfect song to show that special someone you love them for more than what they look like. You love them for them.

Get DOIN' IT WELL on Amazon today here. Stay in touch with Don online at

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