Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Sunday, August 2, 2015

R&B Singer Ty Lyricz Steps Up His Game with CURRENT SITUATIONS

There comes a point when you know that it's now or never when it comes to pursuing your passion in life, and for Mississippi's own Ty Lyricz he is showing that there's no time like the present in giving the world his best. His new project CURRENT SITUATIONS (Suthern Dynasti) raises the bar in good R&B, and shows that good music is good music regardless of where it comes from.

Released for free download on the project is seven tracks that is sure to have you hitting repeat time and again, showcasing a message of love, the challenges of relationships and just having a good time. The ladies willl definitely find something they can jam to, but the guys will appreciate the words that Ty Lyricz says, knowing they might find themselves having to repeat them at some point.

In CALL TYRONE we get the view of a man that is trying to show a woman she deserves more. "Girl I know you gave a man but tell me if you need a friend," Ty says. "We can hit the movies up, 'cause that's how people fall in love. Baby I know you need a friend, someone to talk to when he be trippin'. I'll be the friend you need. Call Tyrone whenever you need me you know how to pick up the phone. When your man be trippin' I'm that dude that you can call on. Whenever you need somebody to talk to I'll be that man to take that stress off you..."

The track TONIGHT is a grown and sexy look at that special night with that lady in your life. "Tonight is the night and it's gonna be perfect. Promise Imma make it all worth it. Girl I'm only here for one purpose and that's to give you all of my service... So we gonna do it all night, and it's gonna be the best night of your life."

Tracks like I'M WRONG and FORTUNE TELLER are those go-to tracks when you know you've messed up---and guys, we know those days come more than we would like to admit. Though I'M WRONG gives hints that maybe she will take you back, FORTUNE TELLER seems to signal that she's not willing to go down the same road again. "I broke your heart into a million different pieces," Ty sings, "and then I lied to you. I didn't have a reason. That was me being a dog, and now you won't even accept any of my calls. How do I apologize for the same thing every single time?" He then concludes: "She knows exactly what's coming next. She mad at me, and I haven't done it yet. She must be a fortune teller, and she don't see the future getting better."

Don't worry: CURRENT SITUATIONS ends on a fun note with NIGHT CLUB,a single Conversations LIVE had the pleasure of introducing on the air prior to the project's release.

I have to say from beginning to end this is a solid project that not only shows Ty Lyricz abilities as an artist but his ability to draw you in as well. Make sure to get CURRENT SITUATIONS at, and take a moment to rate it once you've had the chance to enjoy.

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