Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sahyba:Pop's New Princess Reveals Herself

by Cyrus Webb

Sometimes you just know a star when you see one. It's something about the way they carry themselves that tells you that no matter what they choose to do they are going to be successful. When it comes to pop princess Sahyba, she has only to open up her mouth and sing for you to know that you are looking at the future of popular music.

Signed to chart-topping recording artist (and fellow Mississippi native) Ray J's Knock Out Entertainment, the teenager with a big voice and the world before her is already making sure that you never forget who she is. At the time we were going to print with this music issue you could hear her infectious single MARCO POLO (Where You At?) being shared among music lovers and even being played on the hit VH1 show Basketball Wives.

With such talent and endless possibilities you might expect Sahyba to be anything but approachable. That is not the case.

She loves her fans, and her fans truly love her, communicating with the pop princess on social sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as gravitating to her live performances. In my conversation with her we talked about her beginnings, sharing her gift and her advice for all of you.

"Ever since I was 5 I loved to sing and dance and entertain people. Singing makes me really happy. Everyday I try to improve my talent, because singing is what I want to do for the rest of my life."

"I never thought that my music would reach out to so many fans so quickly. For me to be an inspiration it is a blessing and really humbles me. They believe in me, so if I can influence someone to chase their dreams as I am living mine that would be a huge blessing for me."

"Being the 1st pop artist signed to Ray J and Knock Out Entertainment motivates me to work harder and make sure that I put out my best music, being the best that I can be. I never want to give up."

"The game of Hide and Seek inspired the song. I started thinking about my finding someone and it being a great metaphor for the song. It happened so fast. I wrote the song in a day or two, and in less than a week the song was finished."

"My parents work so hard for me . I have gotten so much support from them. I never want to take that for granted. Honestly I don't see my self doing anything else. Having their support has made all of this possible. It's important to find that one person out in the world to be in your corner."

With her voice and positive attitude about life and the future, there is nowhere for recording artist Sahyba to go but up. Look for her to pursue her other goals of acting and modeling as well. She is definitely going to be someone that we are talking about for some time to come.

Stay in contact with her on Facebook at as well as follow her on Twitter at Her official website is

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