Conversations with Music Special Edition

Conversations with Music Special Edition

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Reintroduction of Willie Taylor

by Cyrus Webb

Music lovers around the world got to first know Willie Taylor with the formation of the R&B group Day 26 in August 2007, but the music that was burning inside of him began long before the reality show that introduced him and the group. It was something that was always meant to come out.

Now as a solo artist with two successful mixtapes under his belt (SEXTAPE and THE REINTRODUCTION OF WILLIE TAYLOR) the man who is Willie Taylor is allowing the music and passion he has to speak for him.

Over the past few years I have interviewed Willie a total of four times. One thing that has always struck me was his ability to not only think for himself but make the case for his career better than anyone else could. At a time when popular music is not always good music, he has managed to give his fans a combination of both.

WILLIE TAYLOR ON THE LOVE OF HIS FANS: "It is still amazing to me how they have always been there, from Day 26 to now when I am doing my own thing. They are the people who keep me going. Just to know that they rock with me means alot.  It just feels great to have their support."

WILLIE TAYLOR ON HIS INTRODUCTION: "This is my time to let you know exactly who I am as an individual. When you listen to my music I want you to be able to say 'I know exactly where he's at. I understand.' This my being able to make a clean slate and let my words and talent speak for me.I'm a fan of my music first. I expect everyone else will love it the way I do."

WILLIE TAYLOR ON WHAT KEEPS HIM GOING: "I have so much more to give. Yes, I'm completely excited about the success I have had up to this point, and I could have stopped...but that's not me. When I do stop I want to have really made my mark on music. When I am long gone I want people to be singing my music and remember who I am. The truth is I can't stop until I give them (my fans) all that I got."

 "I have an insane work ethic and an incredible drive. I never see myself failing so I never fail. It's like I really believe I'm going to win. Once that's in my mind I don't do anything that won't allow me to win. I always see myself winning."

WILLIE TAYLOR ON THE GIFT: "I want people to know the gift. I am a true believer in God and a true artist. My work ethic will outdo my talent any day. I'm a talented individual, but I work so hard. That's why I I am not going to stop. I'm a believer in myself, and I want you all to believe in me as well. I'm a well rounded artist and business man. I want to be a household name.  I want you to say that the name Willie Taylor means something That's what I'm working towards. "

THE REINTRODUCTION OF WILLIE TAYLOR includes the hit songs INSTAGRAM YA BODY featuring Jeremih, NOT MINE featuring Dondria and the new single OVER featuring Tank". I asked Willie what it is like to have artists that he respects co-signing his career by appearing on his new project. "It's humbling to me," he says. "The fact that they believe in me and the music says a lot. It's all love."

No matter what he does musically moving forward Willie Taylor is definitely going to be making his mark on the industry. As his star continues to rise he gives this advice for those artists coming up after him: "When it comes to music I want you to stay true to yourself. Don't feel like you have to follow the trends. Remember you have to love it first. When you love it your audience will love it. Most of all trust in God and work hard. Make sure you put your all into it."

Stay in contact with Willie through his Twitter page at as well as his label Noivak Music website

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